Situated at the Caribbean foothills of the Central Volcanic Cordillera of Costa Rica, Paraiso del Bosque serves as a compact and convenient entrance to the comparatively well-preserved premontane rainforest of the northern slope of the Volcano Turrialba. It is the only fully forested slope of this mountain.

Costa Rica, the gem of global biodiversity, never stops surprising. This slope of the Volcano Turrialba, a part of a corridor of protected areas, has not been surveyed extensively in spite of 7km distance from the international highway Nr. 32.

In Paraiso del Bosque you may be the first to carry out an inventory, to establish a monitoring site or to collect comparative data in your field of interest.

The area has a good potential for long-term monitoring of forest and streams, for research, related to elevation gradient and ecological corridors.

Key subjects of interest for this site are hydrological situation and forest ecology in the context of climate change.

Protection of headwaters and watershed in general deserve more attention in this region of Costa Rica. Areas around Guapiles, in spite of so much precipitation, face water supply challenges and management-oriented research may help.

This is one of the wettest regions of Costa Rica and it hosts an abundance of epiphytes. More than 200 species of epiphytic orchids can be seen close to the lodge. A photo database and flowering calendar is available. Climate, vegetation and elevation allow to expect many amphibian species. Our first impression is a good diversity of birds, and a potential to explore altitudinal migration.

From the agricultural point of view, one may consider comparative research in our cacao forest, thriving in a direct vicinity of the rainforest (1ha, >100 trees, elevation 600+m).


Paraiso del Bosque serves as a base for exploring the forested northern slope of the Volcano Turrialba. We are situated at the bottom (590-730m) of the slope, exactly where the rainforest starts. Below us, a forested corridor continues along three streams, entering wet grassland areas.

7km from the international highway nr. 32, well connected from there:

  • 50 km to San Jose,

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puma.paraiso.del.bosque.reserve                   howler monkeys paraiso del bosque


Please note that in May 2020 the northern slope of Turrialba Volcano suffered wind damage at 550-750m elevation.

After a day in the rainforest you can use

  • a cabin with double bed, electricity, internet and hot water shower,
  • the central lodge, suitable for meetings and small-size catering needs; compost toilet nearby.

Wi-Fi covers all these facilities. Electricity: 110V, generated by our own hydro-turbine.

A weather station (Weatherwise WS 1090) was in operation from June 2013 till July 2020 and provided basic meteorological information.


A trail forms a 2km loop in the central part of the Reserve. It reaches up to the old lava field, which forms an escarpment, a start of many streams.  Several short interlinked trails lead through the relatively open part of the property with cacao, bamboo, Pentaclethra forest and tree fern areas, connecting to forest streams, Rio Molino and a scenic lake of 1ha. There are several comfortable forest stream access spots. Our trails are narrow and have natural ground cover. It is possible to link to trails outside the property.

The screenshot below shows the POSITION of the Paraiso del Bosque Reserve at the bottom of the forested slope of the Volcano Turrialba.  Click to enlarge.