Rainforest Hike

A guided rainforest hike in the Paraiso del Bosque Reserve takes on average 2 hours. The main trail forms a 2km loop in the central part of the Reserve along Rio Molino, leading uphill to a rocky escarpment where several springs originate, and returning downhill to the open part of the property. Our trails have natural ground cover and are of average difficulty.

For educational purposes, when it rains hard or when the time is limited, one can use the Night Trail, leading through a more open central part of the property with cacao, bamboo, gavilan (Pentaclethra) and tree fern areas, a stream and the lake.

A visit to Paraiso del Bosque and a hike requires clothes with long sleeves, rubber boots or hiking boots, insect repellent and, as much as possible, waterproof equipment.