Paraiso del Bosque Reserve invites you to observe, register and photograph birds of premontane rainforest of the Caribbean slope, Central Volcanic Cordillera of Costa Rica.

We are situated within IBA CR007, EBA 019.

Elevation gradient (590-730m) at the bottom part of the forested slope of the Volcano Turrialba down to pastures towards Guapiles, numerous streams, large trees of an old forest, dense epiphytes, forest edges, secondary growth and a lake all together ensure a good diversity. Connection to protected forest uphill ensures a large enough undisturbed forest area for birds to move.

Ornithologists and bird watchers with knowledge of Central American birds are welcome to look into the values of this area and to contribute to our list of birds.

Flocks of moving birds can contain many species here.

The post-card species, typical for this area, are both Montezuma Oropendula and Chestnut-headed Oropendula, Keel-billed and Yellow-throated Toucans, Laughing Falcon, Grey-necked Wood Rail and Green Ibis. Great Green Macaws can be seen feeding in the reserve.  This forest is rich in streams: you can meet kingfishers, Fasciated Tiger Heron and sometimes also a Sunbittern or Agami Heron.

You may also be lucky to notice Bare-necked Umbrellabird in the canopy.

Straight from the lodge one can observe the little beauties – Snowcap, White-necked Jacobin,  Green Thorntail and other hummingbirds and hermits.

Help us to find out more about understory insectivores.